Mystic Island

from by Dethlehem



Mystic Island

In need of extended rest
Perception check

Cinders flood through the haze
Vision clouds perception fades
Upon the shore of ashes a miasma shrouds all

Lay on hands

Open your minds eye
Receive the aura of the guardian
Fortify resolve
Gain the blessing of the paladin

Hidden defender
Divine protector
Dispel this cursed fog
Spectral might
Phantasmal knight
Place your judgement in our steel

Unveiled the foreboding obelisk
A tombstone for this realm
Piercing the sky

Within the spire a hive of terrors await
Abominations grasp at life thirsty for a taste
The scent of death grows stronger higher the steps we take
Ask not for whom the bell tolls for it tells of our own fate

Nobility's shine engulfs this place
Cleansing light
To keep darkness away
Ascending through your trinity
Black and white
become gray

Rest in peace


from Destroyers of the Realm, released January 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Dethlehem Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A D&D campaign that came to life and formed a metal band.

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