Destroyers of the Realm

by Dethlehem

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released January 6, 2015

All Lyrics by Brutalitus the Bloodbeard
All Songs Written & Performed by Dethlehem
Mixed by Lee Rule
Mastered by Jens Bogren @ Fascination Street Studios
Produced by Dethlehem

DethleHouse Recording
Engineered by JT Penderville
Assistant Engineering & Fluffing by Doyle M. Daigle II, Lee Rule, & Buddy Hoebler
Drum Tuning & Shape Checking by Buddy Hoebler

Special thanks:
Scott Massie, Jay Lub, Lee Rule, Brian Urban, Rick Lowell (Subrick), Clarissa Badini, Dan Gold, Joel Pavuk, URIZEN, Tim Evans, Matt Very (Very Tight Recordings), Chris Ruane, Brian Westbrook (Lich King)

Additional Performances:
Lord Bonecrush - Narrator on 3, 6, 9; Vocals on 1, 4, 7
Rick Lowell - Knightmare on 1, 9; Vocals on 10
Cap’n Blackguts (The Bloody Seamen) - Dread Goblin Roberts on 6; Vocals on 7
Clarissa Badini - Soothsayer on 3; Vocals on 4
Dan Gold - Dildo Huggins on 3
The URIZEN Boys Choir ( - Dwarven Vocals on 4

Additional Instrumentation - JT Penderville & Dethlehem
Additional Vocals - Rick Serafini, Doyle M. Daigle II, & JT Penderville

Original Album Artwork by Doyle M. Daigle II (
Layout by Jeff Kerekes
Dethlehem Logo by Jeff Kerekes & Doyle M. Daigle II

Dethlehem is:
Brutalitus the Bloodbeard
Grimshaw Longfellow
Overlord Brom



all rights reserved


Dethlehem Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A D&D campaign that came to life and formed a metal band.


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Track Name: Knightmare

Losing our brothers in the swirl
Of purple hues to ancient worlds
The wretched shade will walk again
Foretold by Dregmour's end

The darkness breeds wide
Will fester inside
Take heed

By this twist of fate
Through the ethereal gate

Stand against our hand
Dealt to us in this foreign land

The warriors gaze upon the vastness ahead
Battle's song echoes in the distance
of Oblivion
A ghastly army wages war
Their chains will shackle them no more
From the grave
They've returned
For what purpose do they serve

Witness the blackened atrocity
Malevolent hatred stains this land

Dragon's flame and ember's bite
Reality has changed now
Quest for truth in our own right
The soul still burns
Trail of a fallen star
Mourning in wayward silence
Whispered tomes of darkened arts
Awaken from

The shine of opposition sparks within the horde
A blazing sword through the infinite black
Lost in the fray
Stamina wavering
To the onslaught we go

Crash down with enchanted ferocity
Benevolence gives us the upper hand

Dragon's flame and ember's bite
Reality has changed now
Quest for truth in our own right
The soul still burns
Trail of a fallen star
Mourning in wayward silence
Whispered tomes of darkened arts
Awaken from this nightmare

Rest your eyes
This will all be over soon

I'm dreaming we'll wake up
Still dreaming I'll wake up
I’m dreaming
Must wake up
(This can't be real)

The afflicted drove dissipates on their own
Victory in death

The sacrifice has been made
Bodies lay offering

Cast your spell with blood

Captive in this cell
A prison of the dead and I can't hold on

Grant me freedom
Take up our sword
Heroic weapon
Left by our Lord

(Knightmare speaking)
“Defeat is imminent, I shall become the vessel of destruction.
The king of kings...devourer of dreams!”

This power comes with a price
Bloodline genocide
Pay or forfeit life
Dark one rise

The rune speaks to me now as it fades from sight
It burns vengeance into my mind

Track Name: Oathbound

Sons of a fabled line
Protectors of our time
In these veins
Flows the blood of the oath bound

For rule they will divide
In battle dreams collide
Take your place on the throne of the oath bound

Only the chosen may go
Blood begets blood

To the Order went the youngest determined to prove his worth
Arrives upon a blackened sky
Destroying flesh condemning lives

Those laid to rest begin to return

The promise of power makes a fool of this lad
Deceived by his lust bringing darkness to the land

The kingdom you'd overthrow
Broken your oath

In the shrine of a fallen god
Evil is born

Forsaken conqueror
Denounce all

You have forgotten the face of your father
Track Name: Shadow Remnants of the Guardian Shield
Shadow Remnants of the Guardian Shield

We move towards the answer to our journey
The key to the tower lies within the garden maze
A relic to protect our group will guard us

The dwarven guides speak...

"In the heart of madness you will find!”
The artifact you seek
“Guardian shield!”
Awaits thee

Two converge as one
The path becomes undone
Shapes transform inside
The ancient shield it tries to hide

The walls whisper, "Your death awaits...turn back from whence you came."
A way opens to reveal the past
A path of bones tells a truth that none shall pass

"The protectors watching for all time!”
To judge the ones who seek
“Guardian shield!”
Awaits thee

Two converge as one
The path becomes undone
Shapes transform inside
The treasured shield is in our sight

“Inscription is written:
Lawful and pure may carry the weight of divinity and the voices of thine heart will speak without a word. Now…”

Awaken your doom

The statues crack and move
Overwhelming force
Unrelenting course
Test your might or perish
Buried in this labyrinth
Eternal champions immortalized in stone


The golem’s eyes shine with a wizards spell
Destroying all in their way the optic flame immolates

Ablaze in a battlefield of burning leaves
Control the force of their fire the rays can melt armor


Bring them down by their own hand
Fight fire with fire
Crumbled rock reveals weakness
Chink in the armor
Grind them down
These monuments will collapse


Two disposed and slain
The legend we have gained
Fate is on our side
Guardian shield is ours tonight

Track Name: Earthforger

Born of clay deep in this swampy grave
Sacred ground defiled by treachery
Bear the curse
Red soaked land turns dust to marshes
Battles long lost leave their markings

Warpath of fortune never to obtain
Bound to the place where your bones still lay

Those who dare to cross this land never shall return again
Wandering this place an eternity for greed’s ambition

Mine the vein
Treasured ore
Lay no claim

Conceived through steam and rust
Soulless globs house blighted remains
Churning out my loyal minions
Tainted land cries out for vengeance

Prepare the fire
Resistance is weakened
Cracking the dried shell
Delivered from limbo’s noose

Bring me their heads
Fuel the machine
Grinding meat
Slave to demand

Those who dare to cross this land never shall return again
Wandering this place an eternity for greed’s ambition

Mine the vein
Treasured ore
Lay no claim
Track Name: Final Voyage of the Gobblinaught
Final Voyage of the Gobblinaught

Set sail
On the sea towards the beast that plagues this deep
Of the ship seeks revenge for the leg he keeps
Is a storm from the mist that signals death


Drink up
For the burn in your gut may be the last
Off the edge of the bow where great waves crash
Casts a shade underneath that stretches wide

Leviathan draws near

(Dread Goblin Roberts)
“There ain’t no room for fear on MY ship! First the BATTLE and then the PRIZE!”

Cannon fire tears through the sky
“Mortar and flame”
“Mortar and flame”
Iron basilisks let out their cry
“Mortar and flame”
“Mortar and flame”

Final voyage of the Gobblinaught

Spawned from the depths the seed of a devil rises

Behold the sea queen's gaze of one thousand eyes
Caught in its spell of the mind
Whirlpool of illusion the monster multiplies
This could be the end

Riding these swirling blues the waters thrash and shall consume
Lightning crashes in the distant black through the vortex we go, no turning back

Don't think
You've won
Drive your
Steel deep
Take her
With thee

Invader from within
Swallowed whole
(Ready arms)
Scales won't protect you now

This sea is your final resting place
Final voyage of the Gobblinaught
Track Name: Mystic Island
Mystic Island

In need of extended rest
Perception check

Cinders flood through the haze
Vision clouds perception fades
Upon the shore of ashes a miasma shrouds all

Lay on hands

Open your minds eye
Receive the aura of the guardian
Fortify resolve
Gain the blessing of the paladin

Hidden defender
Divine protector
Dispel this cursed fog
Spectral might
Phantasmal knight
Place your judgement in our steel

Unveiled the foreboding obelisk
A tombstone for this realm
Piercing the sky

Within the spire a hive of terrors await
Abominations grasp at life thirsty for a taste
The scent of death grows stronger higher the steps we take
Ask not for whom the bell tolls for it tells of our own fate

Nobility's shine engulfs this place
Cleansing light
To keep darkness away
Ascending through your trinity
Black and white
become gray

Rest in peace
Track Name: Dark Tower
Dark Tower

Ascending what seems an eternal stairwell
Where the sky meets the mountains and the darkness does dwell
I pull forth my torch for the fire to catch and before our eyes an ancient latch
Open the tomb low tone heard by all
If we don't strike first then Surely we'll fall
I reach for my strap and come forth the horde
This is the moment I’ll reclaim my....

I'll reclaim my sword!

This feud ends tonight atop a landmark of sin
A declaration of blood and blade
This tower shall serve as the place of your grave
Your legend shall be born when your myth has been slain

Bestowed our path tonight
There are other worlds across this time
But I will see you on the other side at the clearing

Break your limits in this final fight
Seeker of destruction guardian of night
Foretold discord harbinger of war
The walls of this tower shall be painted in your gore

Bestowed our path tonight
There are other worlds across this time
But I will see you on the other side at the clearing

Death is not for you
Something far worse

Destiny you cannot escape
Sever these threads of fate

Destiny you will try and change
severe these threads of fate

Scorned from this fire within
Journeys end
Quests begin
But this battle is not over

Doom has forced it’s way in
Bathed in red
Eyes grow dim
Gaze into the abyss and it shall gaze back
Track Name: Planetary Collapse
Planetary Collapse

Tearing flesh from the wound
A void that should invite death
As the blood pours black let the darkness consume

Disgraced your coat of arms

This deity sleeps no more
Deep in your marrow
Total loss of control
Eyes turn to crimson
Expressionless destruction

Engulfed insanity
The whims of a demon lord guide your hand
Horns made of flame take form
Raise your sword

Become calamity the end of all things
Agent of doomsday claim your wings
Apocalyptic thrall
Host to oblivion
Set in motion cataclysm

This hilt of mine burns red
It's loud roar tells me to grasp victory
Eruption shining from within
Strike down

With these tidings, the almighty one bestows
Empowered with a cursed force a baneful blade that glows
The planet begins to crack
Sliced in half
A smile upon the severed corpse
It echoes with a laugh
Prophecy fulfilled at last

Force fed the fire from an eon of hatred

Avert your eyes before the absolute
Cast down from above
The oldest ones dream
Reap which not ye create
A new age is born

The lineage is too strong
Defy the power of a god

Sigil of royalty
Condemns your being
Born of cruelty
Bow to your king

Obtain calamity the end of all things
Agent of doomsday I claim your wings

Galactic price is paid
A realms end of days closes upon the stage
Follow the waves of time and space

A power cosmic lies dormant once again
Soul bound to the sword's command

I am the wielder of absolution
Behold, my kingdom of infinity
Behold, a gateway opens in the sky