Sons of a fabled line
Protectors of our time
In these veins
Flows the blood of the oath bound

For rule they will divide
In battle dreams collide
Take your place on the throne of the oath bound

Only the chosen may go
Blood begets blood

To the Order went the youngest determined to prove his worth
Arrives upon a blackened sky
Destroying flesh condemning lives

Those laid to rest begin to return

The promise of power makes a fool of this lad
Deceived by his lust bringing darkness to the land

The kingdom you'd overthrow
Broken your oath

In the shrine of a fallen god
Evil is born

Forsaken conqueror
Denounce all

You have forgotten the face of your father


from Destroyers of the Realm, released January 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Dethlehem Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A D&D campaign that came to life and formed a metal band.

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