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XII. Last Rites Of Dregmour

Climbing their way to his fortress, they are greeted by his armies and must fight their way through to his throne room which holds the pool to ultimate destruction and maintains his sight of all things. Upon locating him, they find he is strong yet by throwing the bodies of his dead soldiers into the pool while under his incantation of the final step, it backfires upon him and whithers him down to almost bone.

With his final breath, he tells the warriors that he and Yagolith were merely pawns for a much bigger plan, a plan that will decay this land for one million years. And by slaying Yagolith and he, matters not, because the final steps are already taken to bring forth their lord into this world. After these words, he dips his staff into the pool and aims it at the collective, banishing them into utter oblivion. A final laugh comes from his mouth before he perishes.


Steady now, and forward on
Let not revenge cloud your sight

From the surface, lay them down, sharpened whispers of the wrongly dead
Cursed fortress, drenched in death, lay waste to their thoughts of hierarchy
Hearts forever bleed
entombed in infamy

The fallen is what has led here
Ready arms, and none shall be spared
Take the throne, kill what’s left

Armies scatter, he screams aloud
Skulls are shattered, flesh removed from bone
“Protect the warlock!” the leader cries
And in an instant, the sky did ignite
Dragons taken flight
Led by Neildorph’s battle cry

The Fallen is what has led here
Ready arms, and none shall be spared
Clutching gasp upon his chair
No longer but a dying heir

And what of our own home, abolished eternally
How do we return now, as night fades

With all of the court, stained with red
inside me, I truly feel no rest
My soul ripped out from my chest

And what of adventure
Taking what’s left of me
I have become like you
I have no soul
have no soul
have no soul

Nothing is what
what we have
Lifting up his staff
Incanting the spellcast
and laughing into his death
Exiled and outcast
and outcast
and outcast

Welcome your boundless destiny



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Dethlehem Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A D&D campaign that came to life and formed a metal band.


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